Need To Amend Bylaws For FHA Loan Certification

See Proposed Leasing Amendment
Our application to the Federal Housing Administration for FHA loan certification was recently rejected because our Owner-Occupancy Amendment presented “Unacceptable Leasing Restrictions” by denying any leasing of Waterbury condos after May 1, 2010.

What a Difference a Day Makes!

After a Saturday night encounter with several thunderstorms, Waterbury awoke Sunday morning to find both ponds full, with water once again cascading over the spillways. Heavy rains north of us must have contributed to the flow of our creek at 96th street, restoring the waterline in both ponds overnight. If we get more rain (please), we may have to mow the grass for the first time in more than a month.

We Need Some Rain! (Lots of it)

Main pond water level about 2 feet low.

Much of the country is experiencing major drought this summer, and Indiana is no exception! In Indianapolis, lawn watering is banned until further notice, and here at Waterbury the ponds are about 2 feet short of normal. We have not mowed the grass in the common areas for more than a month, and the lawns and landscaping are suffering greatly. What little rain we get is too short lived to be affective. The ponds are being treated for algae growth, which has been aggressive in the record heat. Water has been added to the swimming pool often as a result of excessive evaporation.

New Website Under Construction

We are currently making many changes to the structure of our website. Look forward to many new features for our members soon!

New Wildlife Control Effort

Cute Pests Relocated

Responding to complaints of ripped open trash bags and tipped over garbage containers, the Association has purchased and deployed cage traps to capture and relocate invasive wildlife. The traps have paid for themselves already in savings of funds normally paid to outside companies for service calls to set and bait similar traps. In the first 2 nights of operation, three raccoons were captured and removed from the common areas. The Association will continue efforts to control the local wildlife population to prevent them from taking up residence in our attics, carports and patios.

Street Repairs On The Way!

Contractor drilling asphalt core samples before street repairs

Our streets will be getting some long needed attention this summer. In July or August Grady Brothers, Inc. will be performing major street repairs throughout the community. The process involves removing up to 5 inches of asphalt in areas where the surface is cracked or prone to produce potholes and debris. The underlying gravel base will be checked and repaired as needed. Then new asphalt will be laid, bringing the repairs to the original grade level. Additional material will be added in areas where rain water collects to establish proper drainage and eliminate standing water after storms.

Tree Planting Event Date Set

Working with the City of Indianapolis program “Keep Indianapolis Beautiful”, we will be planting 20 new trees in Waterbury on Saturday, October 20, 2012. The event will occur from 9AM to noon, rain or shine. We will meet at the clubhouse. The city will deliver the trees and mulch on the previous day. They will provide all tools and some workers on Saturday. We need up to 20 volunteers to participate in the planting event.

Waterbury Community Pool Party!

On Saturday, July 21st from 1 PM to 5 PM, Waterbury will host our annual Community Pool Party and Cookout at the clubhouse and pool. Toys and other surprises will be available for the kids. Adults will also enjoy the food and drinks.


Be Safe on the 4th!

This week the fourth of July falls on a Wednesday, so when is the holiday weekend celebrated this year, you may ask? You can find celebrations on this weekend or next weekend or on the fourth itself. But whenever you choose to celebrate, please remember the use of fireworks is not permitted anywhere on Waterbury property. This includes all streets, sidewalks, all common areas and recreational areas. With rainfall being so scarce this summer, everything outside is drier than normal, and the danger of fire is greater than normal.

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